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WBU New Rising Sensation: Yahu "Rock" Blackwell!

img 0285Atlanta, Georgia, USA (02 January 2017) -- The story of future WBU World Champion Yahu "Rock" Blackwell is further revealed.

The Hebrew Cruiserweight Pugilist is the oldest of three (3) siblings. He began the sport of boxing at the tender age of 7 in order to protect himself and make it through the rough and tough neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland without falling prey to the often inevitable life of crime.

Yahu’s style, speed, power, and overall natural keen sense of boxing seemed to always be instilled in that part of the brain that determines one’s direction. Fortunately for all of us, he not only recognized it but listened and followed his instincts.   Even now Yahu’s natural ability has some boxing pundits seeing in him certain characteristics bestowed in the  legendary Floyd Mayweather, who we all know fought in the Olympics in 1996 and on his way to become a boxing legend before retiring last year with an unblemished record.

If one looks closely, you shall see behind the charming smile, supreme confidence and Hebraic heritage of Blackwell is undoubted talent. Yahu Blackwell, who recently turn 30 years of age, had an impressive career as an amateur, compiling a record of 156-28 despite having limited opportunities and financial backing. 

States one of his amateur coaches Coach Sims of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA "Yahu really didn’t need any motivation because boxing was something he had to do. It is his destiny. He knew that he wanted to do something besides be a poor kid on the streets of Baltimore, so he made extra efforts to make sure that he wasn’t. He listened. He learned. He absorbed all he was exposed to."

In 2009, Blackwell lost his professional debut due to extreme levels of dehydration and a fractured right thumb prior to going in the ring. 

"I starved myself to make the 154 lb contract weight, not because I wanted too. Simply because we really didn't have right food to properly lose the weight and keep strength and fluids." says Blackwell

"At that time, I was struggling badly! I didn't have a corner to work with, no real professional training, no resources whatsoever and terrible management-if you care to even call it that. Now I've grown so much over the years both spiritually and physically! As I begin the next chapter of my life, I'm going to show the world just how great I shall be." 

Now under new management headed by the Dreiband family, Blackwell has trained in over a dozen world class training camps including the Mayweather and Wild Card gyms. He has traveled over worldwide and competed in the IBL-International Boxing League compiling an impressive record of 15-0 with 12 win's by knockout, propelling the young boxer into the WBU & IBU rankings.

In February 2017, Blackwell is set to make his return to the on American soil and will contest for the WBU Cruiserweight America's Championship as 2017 is targeted to be an amazing year for the Cruiserweight prospect as he takes his talents across the USA and Canada.

For more information on Yahu Blackwell, please contact the WBU at the above address.

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